Code of Conduct


The Club exists to ensure a safe environment for recovering persons. We are committed to providing an atmosphere of recovery, service, and unity.  

1.All members, guests and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable manner, to adhere to the Code of Conduct and the direction of the meeting Secretary.  

2.  Guests and visitors are welcome if they respect the spirit of the twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.  

3. Alcohol, drugs, weapons, or soliciting of same is absolutely forbidden.  

4. Parents must supervise and clean up after their children, and ensure that meetings are not disrupted.  

5. As required by the Health Department, shirts and shoes are required while in the club. Bathing suites without proper cover-ups are not allowed.  

6. The Club will not store personal belongings – the Club is not responsible for items left at the Club.  

7. Pan handling, loitering, vandalism, or theft will not be tolerated.  

8. During meeting times, no other activities will be allowed.  

9. Card games, board games, gambling, or activities of this nature are not permitted. Social Activities are permitted with Board approval.  

10. Excepting aide dogs, animals are not permitted on Club premises.  

11. This is a private facility – disturbance of the peace inside or outside of the premises is prohibited.  

12. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.  

  Any infraction of the Code of Conduct will be grounds for immediate expulsion. The Board of Directors may take further action.  

We are responsible to and for each other whenever the hand of  Alcoholics Anonymous reaches out for help, we are all responsible.